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  Windham Soccer Association (WSA) is a private youth soccer club working to promote soccer in Windham, NH and the surrounding towns.  We are funded by membership dues and donations.
  Our work would not be possible without our volunteers.   Please contact a Board Member if you would like to help!


Please enjoy your visit to our site and feel free to contact us with your comments or queries.

~Annual Meeting to include amendment to the articles of agreement is normally held the second Wednesday in June (6/13) at J.Michael's~



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Nashua Road Fields - Status Update
Hi everyone   We wanted to provide an update with regard...
Griffin Park - Parking
As most everyone is aware, the parking situation at Griffin Park...
SCSC/WSA Travel Team Practice Schedules are Posted
Please use the following link to see the practice schedule for South...
Nashua Road Fields - Status Update

Hi everyone


We wanted to provide an update with regard to the Nashua Road Fields ... and answer the questions we're sure you all have ... here goes!


Guys ... what's up with the field?

Currently, the town has closed the Nashua Road fields as there are some issues with standing water and drainage.  Over the last several weeks, the repeated rain storms have made the condition worse ... so days like today will exacerbate the situation further.

Until the field is reopened (which is currently TBD) we will need to do some "juggling" of practices and games, affecting our U10, U12, and U15 rec teams as well as our Men's leagues (yup ... the older guys play too!).


Soooo ... what does this mean for me?

For the most part, it just means that we need to ask everyone that has a player that is one of the affected rec divisions to pay extra attention to the emails from WSA over the next couple of weeks, through the end of the season.  We will be moving practices and games to other fields, which include Searles Road (behind the chapel), Griffin Park, and possibly Windham Middle School.  The chances are PRETTY good that it will not always be the same day of the week at the same field, though we will do our best to make it as easy as possible.  We will also do what we can to get notice of changes out to you as soon as we can, but it may be same day depending on the situation ...


And ... anything else?  Anything? 

Nope ... that's about it ... we ask for your patience throughout this and your help so that any changes go as smoothly as possible ... that's about it!  With nearly 800 kids registered  in WSA programs, losing a field can be a BIT of a pain, as we're sure you can imagine! 


Thank you again!!
WSA Board

by posted 10/08/2018
Griffin Park - Parking

As most everyone is aware, the parking situation at Griffin Park continues to present issues in the afternoon and - more specifically - on Saturdays - for all park patrons.  This fall season, WSA took measures to reduce the number of games and practices going on concurrently at Griffin Park to try and help reduce the strain on the parking lot.  Despite our best efforts, where in some cases we reduced the WSA specific traffic by as much as 50%, we are still seeing times where there is no parking to be had.  Please note the following comments/suggestions presented with the assistance of the Recreation Department:


1) the areas marked No Parking are along state controlled roads and not town owned roads (i.e. Range Road).  We cannot encourage anyone to park in these marked areas.


2) there are other events that occur at Griffin Park, both sponsored organizations (baseball, lacrosse), sponsored events (Hoops For Hope this coming weekend, the Annual Harvest Day in October, etc.) as well as impromptu visits and usage by residents.  We have worked diligently to try and mitigate any conflict with larger events whenever possible, but we must remember that Griffin Park is a benchmark for recreation facilities in Southern New Hampshire, and draws significant crowds due to its variety of offerings for both families and individuals alike.  It is a fantastic sight to look across the park on any given Saturday and see the sea of people enjoying the park, with players on every field, youngsters on the playground, and the geese ... well ... the geese being geese. 


3) whenever possible - please considering carpooling, especially for Games and Practices, and allow extra time.  While this may not always possible, each car that is eliminated from the parking lot is one less concern for everyone.  If you live in different parts of the town, considering meeting at the Park and Ride next to McDonald's and carpooling from there.  If you are attending a game and have friends or loved ones joining you, please consider having them meet you at your home instead of at the park.  The inconvenience of an hour spent with a neighbor or friend may be much better than the inconvenience of the infamous Parking Lot Parade, as we circle and circle like a game of musical chairs, PRAYING that one person will leave when we are near to their spot and the music stops ... or the mere risk of being ticketed along one of the nearby roadways. 


4) Uber ... OK ... not really, but it seems like every facility that has parking issues nowadays seems to list Uber as an option ... so ... :0)


5) MOST IMPORTANT - and please share with friends, neighbors, etc. - GRIFFIN PARK IS A ONE WAY ACCESS!!  Enter ONLY at the entrance next to Johnson's Farm, choose either of the 2 lanes, and exit ONLY at the end closest to Squire Armour.  DO NOT go up one side and come down the other ... again ... the entire parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY.  More than once we have seen people making this grave error and put others at risk.


We at WSA will continue to do what we can when planning out our seasons and events, working with the Town and other organizations in town, trying and reduce the strain on the parking, but do ask for your help as well.  Together ... we are CONFIDENT we can make this work!!


Enjoy the fall season!!
Jamie Manti
President, WSA

by posted 09/11/2018
SCSC/WSA Travel Team Practice Schedules are Posted

Please use the following link to see the practice schedule for South Central and WSA Travel



by posted 08/26/2018
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