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South Central Soccer Club is a regional soccer club in partnership with Windham Soccer Association, and includes Salem Youth Soccer Association and Pelham Soccer Club. Tryouts are open to players from any surrounding towns looking for a more enriched soccer experience focused on individual technical development and strategic team play.

We are a community based soccer club with academy style philosophy.  Our soccer club offers professional coaching, academy style training with flexible schedules with a family friendly cost structure.  Program tuition includes both the Fall and Spring seasons in NHSL, two tournaments, 3 weekly professional lead training sessions. 


For questions, please contact Chris Burke: chris@windhamsoccer.org or Jamie Manti: jamie@windhamsoccer.org


Tryouts: FALL 2017/Spring 2018 


    Thursday Make-Up Session
Gender Time 1-June  
Girls 4:30-6:00 U13, U14, U15 - 2003, 2004, 2005 Tuesday, 6-June (Time TBD)
Boys 6:00-7:30 U13, U14, U15 - 2003, 2004, 2005  


Age Groups - (U15 - 2003, U14 - 2004, U13 - 2005)

Please register your player with the following web link: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=2:159823


We appreciate your pre-registration prior to tryout. A fee of $20 per player is required.                                 

Come dressed to play! All players must wear shin guards and cleats, bring a ball and have plenty of water!